About the co-creation of children and parents

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С 26 апреля по 19 мая 2021года в школе № 25 (г. Петрозаводск) прошел цикл мероприятий для родителей и детей, имеющих особые образовательные потребности. Приняли участие 22 обучающихся и 10 родителей.  В школе №25 реализуются адаптивные образовательные программы для слабослышащих детей, для обучающихся с ментальными нарушениями, с задержкой психического развития.  В апреле школа подписала соглашение о сотрудничестве в рамках российско– финляндского проекта «Новые горизонты культуры». И подготовили мастер-кла

From April 26 to May 19, School No. 25 (Petrozavodsk) hosted events for parents and children with special educational needs. 22 students and 10 parents took part.

At school No. 25, adaptive educational programs are implemented for hard-of-hearing children, for students with mental disorders, with mental retardation.

In April, the school signed an agreement on cooperation within the framework of the Russian-Finnish project "New Horizons of Culture". And we prepared master classes for students and parents:

"Easter-a bright holiday ", "Easter egg: flat modeling",

"Festive cake", "Easter-a holiday of holidays".

At the master classes, a creative atmosphere prevailed: children sculpted and painted Easter eggs, painted cakes, and decorated them artistically. They came up with crafts from various improvised materials, and the parents were involved in the process of joint activities. Master classes allowed not only to come up with and perform each of their own crafts, but also to learn a lot of new interesting things about such an important bright and good holiday - Easter.

Master classes were held by: Z. A. Baeva, teacher-librarian, O. V. Gulyaeva, T. V. Teplykh, E. V. Tikhonova, teachers-defectologists.

An exhibition of children's works made by children together with their parents was organized.