"New horizons of culture": offers a solution-oriented approach

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"New horizons of culture": offers a solution-oriented approach

On October 28-29, 2020, the Karelian Institute of education development HELD weekly meetings of the project team "New horizons of culture" and creative work on the project areas.

Finnish partners remotely connected to the team's work

The agenda included the organization of testing of the Finnish technology.

Lead author Arttu Puhakka offers a solution-oriented approach. To organize training for teachers using this method, you need to prepare instructions for completing the course and a selection of videos in Finnish with subtitles in Russian. The materials will be posted on the educational platform of the University of Finland. Remote access for participants to the system is provided using a link and password.

Students will watch videos of Finnish technology and then try it out in their own work. In December, they will present their experience to other students. There will also be a group discussion of the results and summing up

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the Russian-Finnish project "New horizons of culture" is developing new approaches to working with children with disabilities.