New horizons of culture: in contact with parents

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10.06.2020 в 11.00 состоялась   онлайн – встреча  проектной группы «Новые горизонты культуры» под председательством проректора Карельского института развития образования Е.Г.Богдановой с родителями, имеющими детей с особыми образовательными потребностями.      Участвовали  партнеры проекта: эксперт Л.П.Павлова  из Петрозаводского музыкального колледжа. Эксперт рассказала о реестре программ для детей с особыми образовательными потребностями.          В ходе встречи родителей проинформировали  о деятельности

On 10.06.2020 at 11.00, an online meeting of the project group "New horizons of culture" was held under the chairmanship of the Vice-rector of the Karelian Institute of education development E.  Bogdanova  with parents with children with special educational needs.

Project partners participated: expert L. Pavlova from Petrozavodsk music College. The expert spoke about the register of programs for children with special educational needs.

During the meeting, parents were informed about the activities of the project team to develop and pilot new cultural and educational programs for teachers and parents of children with special educational needs.

They also told their parents about the progress in creating the project's website, about the Horizons cultural and educational center, and about the prepared promotional video in which the creative group presented the project.

Parents with special experience of working with their children were invited to participate in the implementation of educational programs for teachers and parents, to share their experience.

I. Zabrodina focused on the distance format of educational events: webinars, consultations, trainings, programs. Expert T. Gavrilova analyzed the international experience of working with children with autism spectrum disorder, and shared her ideas about the possibility of its application in the work.

Parents who were present raised questions about interaction and problems of parents ' activation in the framework of project activities.

Parents also showed a special interest in communicating with specialists and approved the idea of inviting leading professionals from Moscow and Pskov dealing with autism.


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Recall that the Project KA9011 implemented from the beginning of 2020, envisaged the development of a new cultural and educational inclusive practices to expand opportunities for children and young people to be involved in the cultural life of the region. It is planned to increase the availability and quality of additional education services in the field of culture and art for children and youth with disabilities and special educational needs.