The project combines: experts analyze the results

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The project combines: experts analyze the results

On 28.05.2020, the team of the international project "New horizons of culture" held a weekly online meeting. There were three main issues on the agenda:

1. discussion and addition of the analytical report on the results of the study ( M. Kuzmenko);

2. interaction with the parent community (T. Gavrilova and I. Sharlaeva);

3. readiness of programs for teachers and parents ( L. Pavlova, I. Zabrodina, T. Gavrilova).

Project Manager E. Bogdanova informed about the online meeting with Finnish partners that had just ended and told about their work. Our colleagues plan to prepare a speech in the near future in order to attract participants to the research.

Karjalan Sanomat newspaper published an interview with members of the Russian team of our project. Materials about the project will also be published on the new Omamedia portal.

Candidate of pedagogical Sciences M. Kuzmenko voiced problematic issues of research of existing inclusive cultural practices of additional education in the field of culture and art and the availability of additional education services in this area for children and youth with special needs and disabilities in the Republic of Karelia. Project experts made adjustments and additions. The head of the Petrozavodsk music College, L. Kholodkova, supplemented the report with data from their organization for a broader coverage of the research issue.

The head of the direction I. Zabrodina presented the procedure for conducting course training of parents and teachers in a remote format. The first module for teachers will be held in the first decade of June.

Today, the project partners worked together with us - Director of the Petrozavodsk music College L. Kholodkova, project expert L. Pavlova.

S. Gurshtyn told about the information coverage of the team's activities, the degree of readiness of the new website of the project "New horizons of culture". The site will start operating in the summer of 2020.

E. Bogdanova thanked the participants for their work.

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