Peer Gynt -esityksen videoversio kuvataan Ruskealassa

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Ruskeala park

The recording of the video version of the "Peer Gynt" play will take place in August 17 in the Ruskeala Mountain Park on the mobile theatre platform.

The final rehearsals of the "Peer Gynt" play with the Russian participants took place in the National theatre of Karelia during summer theatre camp in June. Director Kirill Sbitnev together with the Finnish participants approved the format and style of the Solveig line. The material was filmed by actors with director Tiia-Mari Mäkinen in Finland. 


TV series about Solveig life will be broadcasted during the performance in Ruskeala from a screen installed on the stage.

The video version of the Russian-Finnish Peer Gynt permormance will be demonstrated in Theatre Crossroads youtube channel in Autumn 2020 for the audience on both sides of the border.