The fourth educational seminar «Waste management in the villages of Kizhi skerries»

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SUPER project 4th educational seminar participants

On September, 18 the fourth seminar devoted to the waste management system in Kizhi skerries villages took place on Kizhi Island. The participants were the Museum staff living on the island all year round: employees of the Carpentry centre, administrative and economic department, EMERCOM, Rosgvardia and etc. 
Representatives of Conservation and Monitoring of the Natural Heritage Department of Kizhi Museum told the participants about the waste management system on the Island and touched upon the topic of hazardous waste. Eco-activists Anastasia Bauer and Anastasia Markova introduced useful eco-habits and the most successful eco-initiatives in Russia and Petrozavodsk. Moreover, the invited expert from «Biolan» company G. Rogozina presented the «Biolan» composters` advantages, answered the questions and gave advice on the main mistakes in composters use. 
Since this seminar completes the whole cycle of seminars within the SUPER project in 2019, we are ready to share the first results! More than 130 people learned information about waste management on Kizhi Island and nearby villages.

Big thanks to experts and participants, we hope that the knowledge will lay a good foundation for the sustainable waste management system!