Volunteer action on Kizhi Island

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Participants of the volunteer action on Kizhi Island

On August, 5–10 within the SUPER project, the volunteer action took place on Kizhi Island. Volunteers came from St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Petrozavodsk.
They piled up firewood, collected and sorted wastes, prepared food stocks for sheep. Moreover, the volunteers cleared the cargo ship from gravel and painted the well roof, they loaded 150 bags of glass, 30 bags of PET bottles and about 300 kg of cardboard on the ship. 
Kizhi Museum staff organized cultural program: excursion to the main exhibition, Zaonezhskaya conversation with the folk ensemble, a master class «Traditional kalitka pie», a visit to the shungite site and a pharmacy garden.
Of course, it is not the last volunteers visit the Island, even this autumn the clean-up with the volunteers' participation is planned.