The first subbontik within the SUPER project on Kizhi Island

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The first subbontik  participants

                             The first subbontik within the SUPER project took place on the Open-Air «Kizhi» Museum territories!

On May 20 – 25 fourteen eco-volunteers of different ages and professions worked hard on Kizhi Island. Within the first clean-up, the volunteers cleared the Zharnikovo village and Western coastal parts of the Island. Also, they helped with the Moshnikov house restoration site cleaning and actively participated in the dump clearing in the Oyatevshchina village. Interesting fact: during the dump clean-up, old-timed forged items were found – the artifacts will be transferred to the Museum.
As gratitude, the excursions to the main Open-Air Museum exposition and ecological path were organized for volunteers. Moreover, they participated in master-class on Karelian «kalitka-pies» cooking.