SpeakBusiness: Strategic planning and project management for cross-border area (KA4049)

SPEAK BUSINESS is aimed at teaching young professionals how to speak the same language - professional business language of management projects (non-profit and business projects) in the field of social entrepreneurship and international business, and English/Finnish/Russian languages for communication.

SPEAK BUSINESS will contribute to the development of economic cross-border cooperation between Russia and Finland by capacity building of young professionals in the field of economics and international business, and social entrepreneurship. It is planned to improve educational programs of higher and extended education, through capacity building of their teachers, and development of their international networking opportunities (face-to-face activities, international internships).


Objective of the project:

Business management skills for establishing and promotion of cross-border cooperation in the field of social entrepreneurship and business are improved in Programme area. The project is aimed at increasing the capacity of the enterprises (and mainly social entrepreneurs) to start cross-border economic cooperation.


Target groups:
  • MA students of Economics and continuing education students from North Karelia;
  • aspiring social entrepreneurs and business owners from Oulu region and the Republics of Karelia (predominantly of Russian descend);
  • district administrations officials from the Republic of Karelia;
  • teachers of management and project management disciplines of the project area.


Final beneficiaries:
  • professional managers and administrative officials
  • NGOs
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • SMEs
  • students and trainees of participating educational institutions,
  • communities of the project areas.


Our approach:

- Develop an Educational Programme on project management and strategic planning for the border areas with special focus on cross-border social entrepreneurship, international business & sales.

Improve skills of teachers through extended education courses and international exchange.

- Run pilot courses for trainees from target groups. Train at least 75 young professionals and develop at least 10 cross-border social entrepreneurship and business cooperation project concepts. Ensure cooperation on assignments of trainees from Russia and Finland. Arrange exchange trips and internships for trainees.

- Establish center for international social entrepreneurship and project management in Russia that will render operational and expert support to final beneficiaries of the project after the project end.

- Organize capacity building and exchange seminars for target groups in Russia and Finland.

- Analyze the needs of the target groups for the training program.

- Conduct research from the perspective of business relationships/partnerships development. Investigating obstacles and possibilities related to international business and sales, evaluate competitive resources of the project areas, and research of weak sports of educational programmes that prevent efficient cross-border business cooperation. Results will be used for establishing project proposal within trainings.


Project partners:

- Karelian Education Development Fund

- Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Karelian Branch

- University of Eastern Finland

- Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy


KA4049 SpeakBusiness - Project presentation 


Karelian education development fund


Project Leader (Karelian education development fund):

Ekaterina Boiko


Project manager (Karelian education development fund):

Elena Kharcheva

ElenaKharcheva@gmail.com, +79535482695