«Cross-border Investment Navigator for Monocities» (CINNAMON) KA4032

Project partners:



Lead partner –

Karelian regional institute of continuing professional education at Petrozavodsk state University

JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Republic of Karelia"


Regional Council of Kajnuu;

University of Eastern Finland.


Target groups and beneficiaries:

Business community in Finland, Russia and EU (investment specialized institutions such as investment banks, etc), investors willing to work across the border;

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in pilot municipalities;

Local inhabitants willing to make investment and to start a entrepreneurial career;

Local and regional authorities responsible for development;

Local service providers (employment services, vocational training institutions, business incubators, trade unions, NGOs supporting the community initiatives, etc) functioning in the pilot territories;

Business supporting organizations and educational institutions .

 Project objective:

 Reinforced cross border investment opportunities resulting from the diversification of monocities and global industrial modernisation trends; created cross -border support mechanism encouraging entrepreneurs to enter PSEDA.

Project period: 36 months (10/2018 – 06/2022).

 Project goals:

  1. Reinforce cross border investment opportunities resulting from the diversification of monocities;
  2. Create a cross -border support mechanism encouraging entrepreneurs to enter PSEDA;
  3. Increase the investment attractiveness of the region by running joint branding efforts for the favour of Kainuu and the Republic of Karelia.


Key project activities:

ü  Designing and tuning policy and delivery methods supporting FDI in the border areas based on the best foreign and national diversification practices analysis,

ü  Running educational and consulting  activities  for SMEs and those planning their own business , also through social and youth entrepreneurship and improving competences of  relevant authorities and stakeholders of project territories on project management, social and economic development, investment services / investor relations issues,

ü  Setting up a cross border single entry online service (Navigator) effectively facilitating investment decisions,

ü  Selection and implementation of industrial diversification projects (4 diversification projects for project target territories) ,

ü  Promoting and communicating of regional investment attractiveness (marketin territories and improving investors' awareness).


Contacts: Elizaveta Druzhinina, +78142 73 48 30, druzhinina@krimel.karelia.ru.


KRICPE at PetrSU - Lead partner

Elizaveta Druzhinina - +78142 73 48 30, druzhinina@krimel.karelia.ru

Anton Posudnevskiy - +78142 73 33 40, posudn@krimel.karelia.ru