Logroad - KA1024

The Logroad – micro project aims to identify and solve problems related to the construction of forest roads, which have negative impact on the development of the timber industry on both sides of the border. New approaches to planning the construction of forest roads, utilizing new technologies, will facilitate the competitiveness of the logging and transport sector, as well as the timber industry. An extensive network of forest roads will allow to further develop also areas such as tourism, recreation, and picking of non-timber products from the forests.



Forest roads serve a wide variety of different purposes; the main function of the forest roads and the reason why they were built in the first place, is to serve forestry sector. Forest roads are critical element in timber procurement and other silvicultural operations – in fact the most important factor in assessing economic accessibility of the forest resources is the existence and condition of forest road network. In addition, forest roads are valuable for recreational functions, such as hunting, fishing and hiking, which benefit greatly from sufficient forest road network. Public safety is also one important operation that the forest roads serve.

Even though the Russian Federation has a lot of forest resources, some obstacles still exist in the development of the sector. One of them is low transportation access to forests, which restricts the progress of new forest areas. Poor development of the forest transport infrastructure causes low level of production efficiency. Infrastructural limits do not allow to get access to forest resources and certain forest areas turn into unattractive because the timber cannot be harvested and transported in an economically viable way. This situation has a negative influence on the economy on both sides of the border.

The objective for Logroad -project is composing a plan for solving the bottlenecks and barriers of the development of forest road network, which is influencing cross-border forest industry. The project will support the enhancement of competitiveness of wood logging and transport sector and further wood transformation industry, by modernizing the sector using new technologies in an innovative way.

Project implementation

Logroad -project is implemented between October 2018 April 2019. During the project, the project team will:

  1. consult stakeholders on both sides of border to research the different needs, expectations and capacity regarding forest roads, as well as logging- and transportation activities;
  2. review of open source tools available for forest road planning and management, that could answer the needs of interest group;
  3. and compose the research into a report that will outline the directions for future capacity building and other needed activities.

Project team

In Logroad -project two SME’s will work together; Oy Arbonaut Ltd, a Joensuu-based technology company specialized in open source GIS solution development and remote sensing data exploitation, with LLC Lesnoe Bureau Partner, a forest inventory and forestry planning specialist from Petrozavodsk.

Oy Arbonaut Ltd
Kaislakatu 2, 80130 Joensuu, Finland

Elisa Korpelainen
Project Manager
+358 504690961



LLC Lesnoe Bureau Partner
3 Arkhipova Street, Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia 185007

Nikolai Puteshov
Project Coordinator