OTDYKH Leisure - international forum and exhibition in Moscow

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The Republic of Karelia presented its tourism potential in Moscow at OTDYKH Leisure - international forum and exhibition for tourism indastry, where organisations and companies can demonstrate their services and products of the outbound, domestic and inbound tourism. The traditional annual large-scale meeting of market leaders in September provides an opportunity to analyze the results of the outgoing season, to learn about innovations and to understand how to adopt the torism products with new market trends in the coming year.

More than 450 organizations from 21 countries and 41 regions of Russia participated in the exhibition this year. During three busy days from September 7 to September 9, 2021, the leaders of the Karelian tourism sector worked at the stand of our Republic and presented the most relevant tourist products and services under the Legendary Karelia brand. In addition to tour operators and the tourist information center, the objects of tourist display - the Kizhi Museum, the Ruskeala mountain park, the mineral center (Sortavala) and Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia - were the participants.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia presented the renovated permanent exhibition and the exhibition "Empress Maria Feodorovna: an artist and a collector ", as well as a new section of the permanent exhibition, dedicated to the Karelian-Finnish epic poem "Kalevala", which was created within the framework of the project "Museum in Focus" (CBC Karelia program). The Museum of fine arts also presented the new products and services created within the framework of the project - an audio guide for the permanent exhibition in 4 languages, a convenient navigation system and an updated entrance area. The project partner - the Joensuu Museums - presented creative videos about a visit to three museums operating under this brand - the Museum of Fine Arts of Joensuu, Bunker Museum, North Karelia Museum. Tatiana Saltykova and Natalya Kozlovskaya (the Museum of fine arts of Karelia) provided the representatives of travel agencies, accommodation facilities, tour operators and organizers of corporate trips and events with the information brochures, promotional videos, and hundreds of consultations.

The exhibition also became a magnet for individual travelers who are planning their vacations and looking for leisure options. Many tourists consider Karelia to be a place that is definitely worth to visit, and note the good transport accessibility of the region and the wealth and uniqueness of the Karelian culture and nature.

Anna Borchikova, Head of the Tourism Department of the Republic of Karelia, participated in the tourism exhibition. She introduced tourism opportunities of the Republic of Karelia to Elena Lysenkova, Deputy Head of Rostourism.

Participation in large-scale tourism events is important for promotion of the museum brand and products. Formation of new business contacts, increasing interest in the objects of display in Petrozavodsk for an individual tourist, development and strengthening of the museum role are tasks that are solved in "LEISURE" time!