Master classes within the framework of the project "New Horizons of Culture»

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26.05.2021 г. состоялось еженедельное совещания команды проекта «Новые горизонты культуры».  На совещании обсудили готовность к проведению мастер-классов для детей из школы № 9. Мастер-классы проводятся на базе центра «Горизонты». Центр был открыт в декабре 2021 года в рамках российско-финляндского проекта «Новые горизонты культуры». 27.05.2021 – прошел мастер-класс по изготовлению интерактивного читательского дневника. 27 мая отмечается общероссийский день библиотек. В мастер-классе приняли участие 19 дете

On 26.05.2021, a weekly meeting of the project team "New Horizons of Culture"was held. The meeting discussed the readiness to conduct master classes for children from school No. 9. Master classes are held on the basis of the "Horizons" center. The center was opened in December 2021 as part of the Russian-Finnish project "New Horizons of Culture".

27.05.2021-a master class on making an interactive reader's diary was held. On May 27, the All-Russian Library Day is celebrated. The master class was attended by 19 children and 5 parents.

Vera Vladimirovna Yegorova, a teacher of secondary school No. 9 in Petrozavodsk, conducted a master class. Vera Vladimirovna has extensive experience working with children with special educational needs. She taught at a special boarding school for children with musculoskeletal disorders, and worked on distance learning for children with special educational needs.

And in her master class, she used origami techniques, drawing and creating elements for an interactive reader's diary.

The work on it is aimed at maintaining children's interest in reading, educating younger students in reading literacy and independence. Filling out an interactive reader's diary is very exciting and interesting.

The interactive diary has many pockets, mini-books, harmonicas, all sorts of secret corners, templates with flaps. The templates contain the most important information, examples, and memos. This form of creative work was very much liked by the children. Children with special educational needs develop fine motor skills, attention, memory, and thinking by engaging in creativity, showing their imagination, cutting out and filling in templates.

The project team gave the children a tea break and congratulated them on the end of the school year.

School No. 9 is a participant of the project "New Horizons of Culture".


Within the framework of the Russian-Finnish project "New Horizons of Culture", the Karelian Institute of Educational Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working on the creation of new cultural and educational inclusive practices to expand opportunities for children to be involved in the cultural life of the region.