"Museums in focus" on "Smart Friday"

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The second year of implementation of the project "Museums in Focus: Development of Cultural Services for Chinese
tourists "aims to promote the created products and services on the international market in online format as well as to raise awareness of residents, living in the territory of the project.

The Agriculture Club is a popular club for the intellectuals of Petrozavodsk, a socio-cultural platform and art space where the popular lectures SMART FRIDAY take place weekly. Invited speakers give five short lectures per evening on a given topic, while listeners are not only present at the event, but can also watch the online-translation or in a record.

In April, one of these Fridays was devoted to the visual arts and museum activities. Artists, designers, curators presented their projects to the public. Natalia Kozlovskaya, Head of the Development Department of the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia, Assistant
project manager was invited as a speaker of "Smart Friday" to talk about global museum trends.

Her presentation was devoted to the analysis of trends that are developing in the museum sector all over the world. Inclusion, digitalization, sustainable development, business models are topics which are now on the agenda of many museums. Natalia also spoke about development of the souvenir market in China based on data obtained in the framework of a sociological study of preferences of Chinese tourists while traveling abroad. Such a study within the framework of the project was carried out in online format in the summer of 2020.

The new exposition "Kalevala Universe" meets modern challenges and shows a unique collection of the museum using the latest technical and design solutions.