Before and After

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On February 28, 2021, in the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia, a new section of the permanent exhibition, dedicated to the Karelian-Finnish epic poem "Kalevala", that is considered to be a visiting card of the Karelian culture, started to work. The museum keeps and constantly replenishes the unique collection of Kalevala works. Among them are book illustrations and graphics by famous artists of Karelia, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Until recently, the creation of such an exhibition was impossible due to the lack of exhibition space in the museum. In 2019, such an opportunity arose in connection with the relocation of the collection of Old Russian art, which for many years was kept in the main building of the museum. And in 2020 the total area of approximately 150 square meters was ready to turn into a unique exhibition: repair works were carried out, the installation of security and video surveillance systems, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and hanging equipment, creation of installations and other processes started.

In the video you can see the empty rooms before the repair works and the same rooms "after" - full of masterpieces, installations, and first guests!