First impression matters

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souvenirs area

Once a legendary woman, the designer and the symbol of the fashion world Coco Chanel said: "You will never get a second chance to make the first impression". This is true not only in people's relationships, but also when we visit a new place for the first time. This is the so-called first impression effect, when the perception formed during the first few minutes affects our further attitude towards the object.

When implementing the project to modernize the entrance area of ​​the Museum of fine arts of Karelia, we tried to take it into consideration and to make it convenient and pleasant to use the services located in the entrance area. It was important for us not only to remake the entrance area, but to make the services accessible and attractive for foreign tourists, including the Chinese ones.

Special furniture modules were made for the ticket office, the wardrobe and the souvenirs area. And the results exceeded all the expectations. The project team would like to thank for that a company that showed the highest class in creation and installation of furniture complexes for the entrance area - "Your Kitchen". 

The Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia expresses our sincere gratitude to the team of "Your Kitchen" Company: to Maria, the manager, who resolved all the problems and was the link between the Museum and all the involved departments of the Company; to Denis, the measurements specialist, who also discussed the details with the technical specialists of the Museum and gave advices on optimizing the space in the entrance area of the Museum; Roman, the technology specialist, who was "invisible" for the customer, but performed a very important work related to cutting and fitting furniture parts; to Anton, Vlad and Yuri, the installation specialists, who worked for several days on assembling, installing, connecting structures, as well as laying LEDs in souvenir modules and did many other things that were hidden from our eyes; to Mikhail, the production manager, the guru of organizational processes, who connected and managed all the departments.

That cooperation made the best and warm impressions on the project team of the Museum! We wish our partners a great success and believe that this is the beginning of long-term cooperation!