KA9021: presenting the project to Russian regions

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Chuvash festival

Project Manager Tatiana Saltykova took part in the Interregional Museum Online festival "Museum as a resource for the territory development", which took place in October 5-9 within the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Chuvash Autonomy.

The aim of the festival was to promote museums as a resource for the territory development, to help museums to develop their attractive image. The Museum Festival became a platform for discussing new trends in the cultural tourism and museum role in it, as well as for specialists' communication. In the section "The role of the museum in modern tourism" Tatiana Saltykova shared  the experince of the project КА9021" Museums in focus: the development of cultural services for Chinese tourists ": how the idea of ​​such a project was born and what results the project team reached.

The section was held on the zoom platform, the recording of the broadcast can be viewed on the youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr9sWGaoQbg&feature=youtu.be or in the account of the Chuvash National Museum on the Vkontakte social network https://vk.com/wall-38532767_11965