Trainings within the framework of the project "New horizons of culture"

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Trainings within the framework of the project "New horizons of culture"

On 20.10.2020, a weekly meeting of the New Horizons of Culture project team was held.

The meeting was chaired by the project manager E.G. Bogdanov.

She informed the Russian colleagues about the work of the Finnish partners, and also made proposals for adjusting the timing of the November training sessions for groups of parents and teachers. The following dates of activities have been pre-determined:

On November 16-20, E. V. Khilkevich, head of the direction of socio-cultural integration of the Federal Resource Center for the organization of comprehensive support for children with autism spectrum disorders, candidate of political sciences, master of inclusive psychological and pedagogical education, is scheduled to speak. Topic

Speeches "Technologies for the inclusion of children with ASD in socio-cultural practices" is aimed at forming knowledge about the integration of children with autism into extracurricular activities and additional education programs. Technologies will be disclosed to promote social inclusion of children with ASD and their involvement in leisure and creative activities.


On November 24-26, master classes for parents will be held, teacher of the State Educational Institution of the Republic of Karelia "Boarding School No. 23" M.A. Tsyganova - Avdeenko.

From November 1 to December 4, a presentation of the work methodology of the Finnish partners of the project "New Horizons of Culture" will take place for pilot educational organizations.

GAU DPO RK "Karelian Institute for Education Development" within the framework of the Russian-Finnish project "New Horizons of Culture" is working on the creation of new cultural and educational inclusive practices to expand opportunities for children to be involved in the cultural life of the region.