6th volunteer expedition to Kizhi Island

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6th volunteer expedition to the Kizhi Island

On August, 24 – 29 the 6th eco-volunteers expedition to Kizhi Island was held within our project.

During 4,5 working days, the volunteers recultivated the dump on cape Kushnavolok (Zaonezhsky Peninsula); in cooperation with the local population they started to clean the landfill in Sennaya Guba village and they prepared useful waste fractions for transportation to recycling spots. The expedition participants built 3 composters, stacked firewood and the remained wooden flooring in the village of Zharnikovo and helped with the clean up in Moshnikov house after the restoration.

And we asked the volunteers what they think about…

Kizhi Museum:
– The Island is the perfection itself, immersion into the beauty

Museum employees:
– Enthusiasts
– Interesting storytellers
True sincere people

About the work:
– Everything that we knew, in theory, was confirmed on the physical level when we pressed, stacked, loaded
– In order not to recultivate someone’s` big dump sort your waste
– I made sure that it`s not enough just to throw the garbage into the containers since then it gets to a dump where lies for a very long time

About the activities:
– Among all the volunteer projects, this is the best experience
– The programme is proper, rich, diverse, so there is no fatigue
– Great excursions and classes
– It is good that we are working with locals

Impressions and gratitude:
– Thanks to all the Museum employees for their attitude to the Island
– The reality exceeded all expectations
– No tourist excursion gives such feelings
– Got a multi-faceted experience
– The luxury of communication with volunteers and employees, good atmosphere

After the participation in the project:
– We take our experience with us
– The trip gave a good motivation; I will sort waste more carefully and encourage relatives and neighbours
– I will tell my friends-volunteers, they will also want to come
– I understood that the waste issues in the islands are huge and complex