The Karelian Museum shared its project experience

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In August 2020 the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia published a digest of articles, written by the museum specialists “The Museum as a Space of Cultural Diversity”.

One of the articles  - "Prospects and plans for creating a China-friendly environment in the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia" - is devoted to the implementation of the project "Museums in focus: the development of cultural services for Chinese tourists". The author of the article is Tatiana Saltykova, the project manager.

The article tells about the increase of number of Chinese tourists in Russia and Finland, that is why it is required to create additional attractions in regions with good tourist potential.

The article also presents the main stages of work of the project implementation, scheduled for the next two years.

The publication of the digest is devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Museum and the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia.