Pockets for information

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pockets for information
While developing the new visual navigation system at the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia within the project "Museums in focus: the development of cultural services for Chinese tourists" (CBC "Karelia" 2014-2020, funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia), the project team paid special attention to creation of convenient navigation for temporary events and activities.

The Museum of Fine Arts very often organizes music concerts, creative laboratories, holiday activities and etc. Before such events, announcements should appear in the entrance area. They also appear when we need to inform the guests urgently about the closure of a museum in unforeseen situations.
Before we usually used just sheets of paper A4 with printed information and placed them on the door or the walls in plastic pockets that did not seem very presentable. To solve this problem, the design team developed a special metal structure, made using the corporate identity of the Museum, reminding the figure of the museum logo. The stand can only be used during one-time events to direct the way to go. The developed design has removable blocks - "pockets", where a sheet with information can be inserted.
This solution is very ergonomic for both visitors and event organizers.