Works to reduce the negative impact on the environment are carried out at the Urozero training center

Submitted by KA5041 on

Within the framework of the KA5041 project modern environmentally friendly technologies and solutions are being implemented in the Urozero training center.

Their goal is to reduce the negative impact on the environment. But in addition, an important from an economic point of view, the result of this will be that additional costs for the implementation of these activities should lead to a reduction in the cost of heating, lighting, water supply and sanitation, as well as to increase the comfort of tourists in the center.

Last winter, with the help of involved experts, calculations were carried out, which showed the places of the greatest energy losses. Studies have been carried out aimed at identifying possible places for the application of efforts to improve resource and energy conservation. Based on their results, the systematic implementation of measures for the reconstruction of the heat supply system, renovation of the drainage and sewerage system, work on energy saving and thermal insulation, and the installation of energy-saving lighting and equipment began. An integrated approach to solving the problems of nature conservation should bring savings for the maintenance of the center in the amount of several hundred thousand rubles a year.

Among the implemented measures one can mention the replacement of energy-consuming kitchen equipment with modern energy-saving equipment; installation of an automatic temperature control system in one of the cottages for tourists; roof insulation and steam hydration; replacement of energy-consuming lighting lamps with LED ones; installation of aeration and bioactivation system in the sewerage and drainage system.

Further plans include work on the reconstruction of the heat supply system in the cottage for tourists living in the Urozero center.