Water research within SUPER project continues

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Mikhail Zobkov, researcher, 2019

This year the research team from Karelian Research Centre of RAS was joined by Mikhail Zobkov, Head of the Laboratory of Hydrochemistry and Hydrogeology, Northern Water Problems Institute.

Within the June expedition, the researcher took water samples in the Kizhi skerries. On July, 3–5 Mikhail visited Vodlozersky National Park, where he collected water and bottom sediments samples to analyze it for chemical compositions and microplastic content.

Information on the research works within the SUPER project can be found here:

  • https://www.kareliacbc.fi/en/super-project-fieldwork-start 
  • https://www.kareliacbc.fi/en/some-preliminary-results-fieldwork-within-super-project

Photo: KarRC RAS, 2019
Mikhail Zobkov, 2020