"New Cultural Horizons": first project results

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Elena Bogdanova, the Vice-rector of the Karelian educational development institute  and the coordinator of the international project "New Cultural horizons" from the Russian side, has been holding regular online meetings with Finnish partners.

In March and early April, the members of the project group discussed the organization of the study, on which Satu Piispa-Hakala, the researcher and the project expert, is now working. The representatives of the Finnish side will inform their Russian colleagues about the progress of the study in the coming months.

Lasse Reijonen, the project secretary, is collecting the contact information about the potential participants of the study. When the survey is published, an article will be prepared for the media about it and the goals of the project.

Currently, Sonja Kortelainen, the project Manager on the Finnish side, is working on the formation of the autumn trainings for the project target groups - teachers and instructors of culture and art hobbies. The trainings will include both contact teaching and online learning. Finnish partners are exploring a variety of online materials and possibilities of their implementation for the project target groups.

Russian partners have developed training programs for 24 hours and are already summarizing the results of the conducted survey, in which more than 350 teachers and parents  have taken part.

The project expert Satu Piispa-Hakala has shared with colleagues from Petrozavodsk the information about the Aksoni ry- society, which provides assistance to people with autism. This society could become a pilot platform for the project, as it has many different subgroups of participants, and also develops cooperation with partner organizations in North Karelia.