Workshop of waste knowledge an art for the six graders in the School of Eastern Finland

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The cross-curricular waste workshops of WasteLess Karelis and schools continued at the beginning of December in the School of Eastern Finland with six graders. The workshop lasted two lessons and combined environmental studies and art. The first lesson included discussions of plastic trash and the importance of waste reduction and recycling. Furthermore, students explored the meaning and importance of circular economy with a virtual game. Additionally, students also photographed the amount of plastic waste produced in their household and brought some of the plastics as a material for the art lesson.

The art lesson focused especially on understanding the plastic waste and microplastics problem in the water systems. During the lessons, students made fishes out the plastic trashes. These were hung on an old fishing net, which was placed on the classroom wall. At the end of the lesson, there was a discussion of how this kind of art may make people pay attention to the waste problem.

More of these workshops will take place at different schools during the spring semester. Moreover, the ideas of the workshops will be presented in the ULOS-UT-OUT outdoor learning event in June 2021 in Nurmes, North Karelia.