Waste workshops via science-theatre

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Teatteri Traktori "waste" show

New ways of organizing waste info and art workshops for school children were tested in WasteLess Karelias project during this spring. Since corona has made it difficult to visit schools we decided to use virtual connection for workshops. Also new artform for WLK project was introduced; combination of science and theatre was the core of these workshops.

In science-theatre workshops imaginative and energetic scientist family Plaudite tells and shows children about climate and environment and about what kind of effects waste has in nature. Imaginary sociologist Martta Plaudite, statistic enthusiastic Herbert Plaudite and airy scientist Kassiopeia Plaudite guide participants through joint science-theatre journey. Virtual connection between schoolclass and Plaudite family work in both ways via Youtube and Teams and children get to participate by answring waste related guestions. First workshops were carried out with 5th graders at Itä-Suomen koulu in Joensuu and 2nd graders at Poikolan koulu in Juuka. Workshops will continue in autumn and if corona allowes also live show will be organized.

Science-theatre workshops are carried out in co-operation with Teatteri-Traktori. Teatteri-Traktori has created content for it's own science theater from the viewpoints of environmental education and participatory art. The ensemble is composed of professionals from the fields of art, community theater and education. Contnet of workshops was planned in close co-operation between WasteLess Karelias -project actors and Teatteri-Traktori. Workshops consists of theatre part, guestionneire part and finally DIY biowaste bag lesson.

Science-theatre workshops got really good feedback from both teachers and pupils. Serious topic is delt with new twist and also children get to participate and to tell their views about waste and recycling.