Training programs, 2020

Submitted by KA3030 on
д.Оятевщина, амбар

Last year we organized training program on the theme “Conservation and restoration of wooden architecture” for 3 groups within the project “Ethnoarchitecture of Fennoskandia in XXI”.

The first group participated in the program in February. They were volunteers of the project “Revival of wooden churches of the North”. The volunteers had practice on the barn in Oyatevschina village, they reassembled the barn and assembled it again removing all defects.

The second group – young restorers of All-Russian organization “The Union of Restorers” – had practical training on Moshnikova house in Yamka village on Kizhi Island. They studied experience of adaptation of historic buildings for modern use. Also participants visited historic villages, including Oyatevschina village. They studied work, made by the previous group on the barn, and also cleaned up construction waste on the territory around the barn. The group also worked on the historic pier in the village of Oyatevschina.

And the third group – our future restorers – students of a new master’s program “Restoration and adaptation for the modern usage of wooden architecture” of the Petrozavodsk State University. The program included the interesting lectures and practical training, which took place in Manga and Kinerma villages and on Kizhi Island. We hope that the young people will be inspired by the profession of restorer and in the future they will join the team of professionals.