Thesis on micro hydropower solutions at NatureBeST Erä-Eero pilot site

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Measurements from the stream

NatureBeST has established cooperation with the Karelia University of Applied Sciences' UusiutuWat project. Within the UusiutuWat project, student Tino Jehkonen is doing a thesis based on our NatureBeST site's micro-hydropower solution.

Jehkonen's thesis introduces micro-hydropower in general and presents various micro-hydropower solutions. Calculations are made for the pilot and best suited solution to this case is sought. Attention to the nature values ​​of the area is also considered in the process. The thesis will serve as an information package for micro hydropower projects seeking similar techniques.

In January, measurements were made at the site to determine the lowest flow level of the stream in winter. A second measurement will be made later when the channel is more open, and stream flow stronger. The flow rate is important for estimating how much energy could be produced in winter.

"It can already be said that in a normal winter, no energy can be obtained from the flow of the stream for 2-3 months, because the flow is not sufficient," Jehkonen says based on already analyzed measurements.

The stream will be tested for energy production with small and quiet Waterlily turbines. Solar panels installation is also planned as a complementary energy solution for the site.

Photos: Tino Jehkonen takes measurements from the stream  (Right), Flow of stream in the fall (upper left)