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Three year long journey of CULTA project has come to the end. During these years CULTA has done huge amount of activities to raise interest and knowledge of possibilities to do cross-border cooperation and to develop skills for implementing creative ideas.

CULTA has organized 25 events including face-to-face and online workshops and trainings for cultural professionals, companies from the creative industries and students. In these events participants have innovated new ideas as well as developed products and services they have had already. Some of the new ideas have already been launched and even got the funding. CULTA has been a start for many good endeavours for cross-border co-operation. 

CULTA partners want to thank all the participants of the events and other activities, as well as students and other actors who were involved to the project at the way or other. Thank you also for co-operative teachers in project partners' organizations and other projects that co-operated with CULTA. And thank you for every single person who worked for the project. 

After the project you can still find many kinds of interesting materials from this website and even build networks via this Padlet:
We also guide you to follow other projects funded by KareliaCBC Programme and to participate the multiple activities they do.