Restoration of one of the historic churches of Zaonezhie

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Церковь в д.Леликово

It is known, that there are a lot of historic chapels  around Kizhi Island. The special tour  - “The Kizhi Necklace” is organized . This church is not so famous, but very beautiful and differs from other wooden architecture of the region. We are talking  about the Church of John the Baptist (XIX century) in Lelikovo village on Small Lelikovo Island.

The Kizhi Museum have been taken care of this church for a long time. Conservation works, such as conservation of the roof and the basement, glazing, porch repair were done in 2003-2004. It helped not only to preserve the church, but drew local citizens’ attention to the monument. After that, local community started to take care of the church, and did their best to preserve the wooden monument. The Fund “Monuments of Zaonezie”, established by Victor Omelchak, have also supported this activity. Museum specialists always help local people if complicated works are necessary. In 2015 museum employees together with the fund “Monuments of Zaonezhie” repaired the dome and the cross of the Church of John the Baptist in Lelikovo village.

And now we have an opportunity to help this beautiful church in the framework of the project “Ethno-architecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century”. Nowadays modern technologies allow to examine and monitor the monument at height and inaccessible places. To examine the monument photos with using of quadcopter were taken. Now we have photos of the upper part the bell tower. Within the project it is planned to repair the tent roof and put the cross on it, to repair the fence of the bell loft and the porch. Now we are working on the project documentation.