The preparatory stage of work on the landscape production has been completed

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Peer Gynt

Artists of the National Theatre of Karelia together with director Kirill Sbitnev worked to find new forms of visual interpretation of the classic text of Henrik Ibsen.

From the Finnish side, the creative part of the project is curating by the actor, acting teacher of the Educational concern "RIVERIA" Janne Hyytiäinen.

The result of the joint work was a sketch show-a reflection on the body language based on various types of stage movement and consciously devoid of words.

The idea of the performance is to explore the inner world of a person, where the body and music are the main tools of expression.

The next stage of work on the production Peer Gynt will take place at the end of June as part of the Summer Theatre Camp, which will be held in Sortavala.