Photofixation of the museum iteams for Kalevala exposition

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After developing the design project for the future exhibition, the next important step is working with museum items. Any manipulations with museum items in the repository  can only be done with special gloves. If one needs to photograph the items from the museum funds, not only special permissions are required for access to the museum’s repository, but also preliminary preparation of the works.

First of all, lists of works for photographing are formed in a special program - an automated museum information system. Then, following the topographic description from the prepared lists, employees find the necessary items in numerous rooms of the repository and prepare them for photofixation.

There is a special room in the Museum repository, created for visual reproduction of museum items. One of the most difficult and long processes is photographing of graphic works. All the works are of different size and each of them must be fixed on a special vertical fabric screen without damaging the museum item itself. Then a professional photographer sets the light, special color scales and takes pictures, checks their quality and color reproduction. Then the same steps should be done again with each of the works. For the whole working day we managed to make photofixation of more than 100 museum items from the Kalevala museum collection.