Kantele Music Fusion on YouTube

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Kantele Goes Global!

The new music channel has been recently opened on YouTube thanks to the Kantele-GO! project aiming at diversifying kantele music and increasing international cooperation among kantele performers of Finland and the Republic of Karelia, Russia. It is called  Kantele Music Fusion 

Music performed on ancient instrument is entering new cultural niches that might be quite unpredictable as per the Kantele-Go! project managers. It can be anything: from yoga and martial arts to theatre performances and computer games. This becomes more important nowadays as long as kantele instrument requires a new impulse for further development.

New YouTube channel Kantele Music Fusion is intended to be the biggest archive of kantele music and the creative platform for musicians’ and all kantele lovers’ interaction. And all of us are invited to take care of its content by free subscription and making any comments on kantele music. If anyone likes to share kantele video through the new channel Kantele Music Fusion please send your videos to Dmitri Zimin, the project coordinator at the University of Eastern Finland   dmitry.zimin@post.com