Culture Open Multicultural Storyhour Workshops at the Joensuu Library!

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Culture Open –project, in cooperation with Joensuu Multicultural Association (JoMoni) and Joensuu Libraries, organizes a series of storyhour workshops at the Joensuu Main Library. The workshops begin in December 2019 and run through the spring of 2020. The workshops are produced by artist Päivi Saarelma and coached by Lori Stankovic, Celeste Richman and Masomeh Nazari.

These workshops are a part of Culture Open –project’s co-creative activities. The coaches are all people with immigrant backgrounds, who will share stories of their experiences. Each workshop will have its’ own theme. The first two workshops will be organized in December, and their themes will be ”Grandmother” and ”Solidarity”. The location for the workshops will be the Main Library’s ”Arts Square” (Taiteiden aukio) on the second floor.

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Monikulttuuriset tarinatyöpajat

Multicultural Storyhour Workshops