Two-day meeting of project partners was held in Petrozavodsk

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Project partners meeting

First day (10.06) partners met in the conference-room of "Fregat" hotel. We discussed current results, our achievements and future plans. Each participant of the meeting prepared a report on the role of his organization in the project, on the work done over the past six months and immediate prospects. Together we made this meeting very interesting, useful and businesslike, and also friendly and warm.

The second day of the meeting (11.06) was very intense, because it was devoted to a trip to the trout farm named “Pomor”, located on the beautiful Svyatozero lake in the Pryazha district of Karelia. The director of production of the enterprise conducted a tour of the farm, told us about the main processes of fish farming, what modern technologies they use now and technologies they are going to introduce in the future. We didn`t miss the opportunity to show the information system we are developing, which eventually was endorsed by production director. Now current version of the system is planned to be implemented on the “Pomor”.