Cooperation of filmmakers in Russia and Finland

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Filmmakers of Karelia and Finland together

The Russian premiere of the documentary film “Tarunhohtoinen Viena” by the Finnish film director Arvo Tuominen was held on March 2, 2019 at the National Theater of the Republic of Karelia with the support of the Petrozavodsk Branch of the Consulate of Finland.

The film is notable for the fact that it is a joint work of cinematographers from the Republic of Karelia and Finland and introduces the viewer to the history and modern life of cities and villages in the northern part of Russian Karelia.

The show was a great success, the audience noted both the excellent director A. Tuominen, and the skill of the cameraman, director Konstantin Lenchitsky, a member of the Karelian Filmmakers Union, who managed to convey the extraordinary beauty of Karelian nature, the villages and their inhabitants. Also on the premiere came editor Arne Eklund and journalist Arto Rinne, who translated the film into Russian.

This film showed that cinematographers of two countries can cooperate perfectly, despite political, linguistic and other obstacles, and plan to implement many more creative projects in the future within the LOKKI project. In 2019 project team will implement a wide range of joint activities (film expedition, 3 pilot films, film school in Hyvarila, joint educational programs)