Accessibility Mapping of Cultural Facilities in Joensuu

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Information about accessibility mapping in Joensuu

Between 13th and 18th of March, Culture Open –project will carry out accessibility mapping of local cultural facilities in Joensuu. Project partner, City of Joensuu Cultural Services, will be conducting the mapping with the assistance of a group of disability experts assigned by the Joensuu Disability Council.

The disability experts will be testing issues relating to physical access and availability of services in places such as museums, a library, a concert hall, an information centre and the city hall.

The mapping will give information on how well local facilities and services are equipped to interact with people who have disabilities. A similar mapping will be carried out in Petrozavodsk later in the spring. The results of the mappings will help to improve the quality of cultural services available for the disabled.

Culture Open –project aims to create inclusive, accessible and sustainable cultural services for the disabled and migrants in Joensuu and Petrozavodsk. The lead partner in the project is Petrozavodsk State University Institute of Continuing Education.