Culture Open Toy Camera workshop!

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children and adults sit around a table making crafts.

On 1 February 2020, Culture Open and JoMoni Photography club organized a toy camera workshop at North Karelian Museum HILMA in Joensuu. The workshop was part of Culture Open and JoMoni Photography Club photo exhibition activities. Whereas, Culture Open and JoMoni photography exhibition, North Karelia through the Lens, is part of inclusive project activities that are aimed at increasing immigrant participation in local cultural services. JoMoni Photography Club comprises people with immigrant background, who live in the Joensuu area.

The workshop was aimed at children and its purpose was to introduce children to photography through crafts. The children could make a decorative toy camera from paper, string, glitter and buttons. Alternatively, the children could also make a picture frame.

The workshop was non-stop in nature, meaning that children and their parents could arrive throughout the afternoon and spend time at the workshop according to their schedule.

The workshop was coached by JoMoni Photography Club member Joy Holopainen.

North Karelia through the Lens -photography exhibition is open at Joensuu Main Library until 15 February, 2020.