EDUWATER-project has taken a steady pace on the Finnish side.

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Проект EDUWATER набирает обороты на финской стороне.

A very active and fruitful brainstorm took place in the end of January. Participants were planning production of new methodic materials for the teachers. Four different themes to be covered by the teaching/educational materials
1. The state of local waters
2. Use of water in everyday life
3. Water treatment
4. Water and society
Different kinds of teaching materials to be developed on each designated theme. The materials will be further tested by teachers in Northern Karelia.
Later in spring an educational video on sustainable use of water will be produced, which will also be used in the teaching process.The video will feature the journey of the water from raw water to the treatment plant, then to the households and ending up at wastewater treatment facility. Water’s trip will be viewed through the eyes of different professions.