The results of the Christmas tree decoration contest from the WasteLess Karelias project

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Christmas tree decoration

Our project began to master a new way of attracting people to an environmentally friendly way of thinking and living. In anticipation of the new year 2020, the WasteLess Karelias project organised a contest for Christmas tree decoration made from waste. The contest was aimed at preventing people from throwing away the waste and unnecessary things but making decoration with their own hands.

The conditions of the competition were simple: create a Christmas tree decoration from any waste, take a picture of it and post this photo in our project account on the VKontakte social network (all the works can be viewed here: In total, over 200 participants from different parts of the Republic of Karelia responded to our competition. The most active were Lahdenpohja, Olonets, Kostomuksha, Petrozavodsk and the village of Hiitola.

We sincerely thank all the participants for their interest in the “wasteless” contest and we hope that it helped to change the opinion of some people about the waste, because the waste is sometimes not just useless things, but also a valuable raw material, also for creativity.

In the last days of December 2019, our project team evaluated the works. Each of them was unique in its own way and worthy of high marks. Nevertheless, we determined the winners of the contest. In the near future they will all receive thematic “waste” prizes: a set of containers for separate collection of small waste stuff at home, thematic games and books, and all participants of the contest receives our gratitude and diplomas.

Our winners are Vitya and Valya Lovetskov, with the work “Snowflakes”, which were made from toilet paper bushes.

The second prize goes to Albina Golovanova with “The owl”.

The third prize goes to Veronika Ivannikova with “The hut”...

... and to Denis Leonov with the “Retro-Style Decoration from Light Bulbs”


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