Open seminar: Networking in digitalized era

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On November 14th Speak Business project held an open seminar - Networking in digitalized era. The event was devoted to such essential in business world topics as networking, process of building relationships, cooperation with foreign partners, cross-cultural values. Nowadays networking and communication is not only about face-to-face meetings, people use modern channels of communication more and more actively. That brings a great deal of opportunities, changes to the cross-border interaction, expectations and at the same time some challenges.  

Experienced experts shared their valuable knowledge of how to gain new contacts and maintain networks across the border, what are the business communication ethics in Russia and in cross-border cooperation and what are the prospects and tools for further cooperation of partners from Finland and Russia. 

Joona Kotilainen, Marketing Agency Tovari Oy shared with the audience his experience of business cooperation with Russian partners.

During the Panel discussion: Networking across the border in digitalized era Professor Saara Julkunen, Business School, University of Eastern Finland, interviewed the panelists on the issues of digitalization. Thus, invited experts - Dmitry Kislov, Ex-Deputy Minister for economic development of the Republic of Karelia, Ekaterina Miettinen, Business Joensuu Ltd, Sanna Iskanius, Director of training, Aducate, University of Eastern Finland and Sergey Balandin, General Chair, Fruct Ltd shared their viewpoint on how to define digitalization, purpose of networking/using of social media, needed combination of digital and face-to-face networking, obstacles, threats and opportunities of international networking in digital channels. 

Associate professor Olga Sizova, Karelian Branch of the Russian presidential academy of national economy and public administration spoke about Business communication ethics in the Russian business culture, Michal Frackowiak, Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy introduced the theory and practice of Intercultural communication. Dmitry Kislov, Ex-Deputy Minister for economic development of the Republic of Karelia presented to the audience the Instruments of cross-border cooperation: experience of the Republic of Karelia.