New life for old trash

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Alpo Koivumäki

Two day trash art workshop was held at Louhitalo in Eno in the middle of September. At the workshop new life was given to metal and plastic trash that participants and organizers had collected in advance. Workshop was led by ITE-artist Alpo Koivumäki and counsellor Virva Vihonen. During two days over 30 people participated in creating something new.

ITE-artist Alpo Koivumäki is known especially of different trash based animal figures. During his 25 years with trash art he has developed new techniques for using and moulding waste materials.

- It feels meaningful to use materials that would otherwise be thrown away. I also believe, that through trash art people start to think more about what they throw away and how they could recycle better. Trash art interests people and I often get comments and questions about how is it possible to do such figures and artwork from trash.

For workshop participants and organizers had collected lots of different kind of waste from their own households to be used for workshop materials. Everything from empty tin cans to metal wire and plastic bottles to broken Christmas decoration. At the beginning participants looked around and chose materials that they found interesting for they own art pieces. Comments from participants tell about interest and enthusiasm towards trash art and recycling.

- After looking at those trash materials for a while I started seeing shapes and getting ideas and thinking how could I use that trash in my own work. It was fun to figure out how to combine different materials.  

- I think many of these trash here in workshop actually has some beauty in them and it would be pity to throw them away. Makes me think how I could produce less waste and recycle better in home also.

- It was nice to see how my own vision about trash art started to get shape. It didn´t come out like I first planned but I am pleased with result anyway. I think I will try to do trash art later at home also.