A new house for the all-Russian Training Center

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Study room. Design.

Soon the All-Russian Center for the Preservation of Wooden Architecture. V.S. Rakhmanova will get its own house! The house will be placed in cultural heritage site “Moshnikova house” in the village of Yamka on Kizhi Island. Now restoration of the house is on its final stage. Restoration is being made by Cerpenter Center of the Kizhi Museum. The Moshnikova house is a house of late XIX century. It is a traditional for Zaonezhie region house where working and living parts are under the one roof. It is a “brus” type (i-type) house. The living part has two stairs.

The work on project of interior design has been finished. The house will be adapted to the modern usage. The living part of the house will preserve its historic meaning – our students – participants of the events and project – will stay here. The working part will be adapted to training space. The designer tried to leave historic elements of the walls visible, take into account architecture and history of the house, history of the family. The designer – Yana Permyakova, the member of the Union of Designer of Karelia, art-director of the Desigh Center.

We hope that very soon participants of the training programmes will live and study in historic house-monument for the whole year. We are looking forward to the housewarming and will be glad to meet both new participants of the training programme and experienced partners.

The works on design and adaptation the house are conducted within the project “Ethnoarchitecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century”. The project funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.