New book about the restoration of the Church of the Transfiguration

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Книга о реставрации Преображенской церкви

The Kizhi Museum published a new book “Restoration of the Church of Transfiguration”.

The book tells about all stages of life of the monument from its birth, about first restoration works, conception of church preservation, and, of course, - about complex restoration, which has been lasted for 20 years.

In 2020 the restoration of the Church of Transfiguration was finished. The carved gilded iconostasis was restored and place on its original place. This event is important not only for the Kizhi museum, Karelia and Russia but for the whole world, because the Kizhi Pogost is the world heritage site of UNESCO and is meaningful “for living and future generations of the whole humanity”.

The book is devoted to those, who preserved this monument for the future generations.

The authors – Margarita Kisternaya, Igor Gashkov, Igor Melnikov, Tatiana Nezvitskaya.