NatureBeST organized webinar on energy and water solutions for companies

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Presenters in webinar

Two webinars were implemented within the framework of NatureBeST project in June 2020. The webinars were directed to companies operating within the project regions in Finnish side of the border.

Energy webinar:

The first seminar on energy solutions took place on 3.6.2020. During this seminar, participants were informed on available renewable energy options and potential solutions that can help reduce emissions, prevent pollution, and at the same time save costs for the company. This was presented by Motiva Oy

Participants also got information on other available development support mechanisms such as KELIPK model for mapping and tracking development operations to improve climate actions. Available funding options for businesses investing in eco projects were also offered.

Clean water saving and wastewater management webinar:

During the 11.6.2020 seminar, data on largest consumption sources for clean water were showcased by Energo Oy. Simple solutions that can help companies save water in the enterprises were thereafter offered. Real case examples of solutions and post-impact savings on investments and environment were showcased.

Wastewater saving was also presented, and the vast indoor and outdoor, warm Vs all-year round solutions options offered by Huussi Ry. The take home messages from the wastewater saving was simple, the less water one uses, the lesser the costs for wastewater management. Also, there is no one solution fits all, that is why there are various solutions to choose from depending on e.g. use levels, location and need (indoor, outdoor etc).

All in all, entrepreneurs were not as much as we had hoped for.  However, after the seminar, we were rather happy with the smaller group as we managed to answer to all questions that came up from the participants in more detail than would have been if the group were larger. Some of the entrepreneurs are now chosen as case study targets in the next phase where we implement pilot solutions.