Memories of the first year

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Participants of the project

The first year of project “Ethnoarchitecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century” fconclunished. Reports are prepared, conclusions are drawn.

Just to remind, the main goal of the project is creation of conditions for development of historic settlements with wooden architecture. For this purpose we should understand how there settlements could be developed and teach local people to move in the right direction.

During the first year we did all we had planned:

  • a few groups of students from Petrozavodsk State University and Vocational College of Oulu participated in the training programme of the Training Centre of the Kizhi Museum;
  • we published new excellent books for those who work in the sphere of wooden architecture or interested in it, conducted the International Carpenters Contest;
  • visited all historic villages around Kizhi Island, meet with local people; organized the study tour around Karelia and Archangelsk district, where we get a huge amount of useful information and ideas about historic village development and meet interesting people;
  • made the detailed research and fixation of Kurgentsy village and now we are working on 3D-model with the reconstruction of lost buildings;
  • help to preserve the wonderful church in Lelikovo village together with our students and volunteers.

And that is not the full list of our good deeds.

All project activities are united not only with wooden architecture but also with positive interested people, which participate in the project. During the first year there were 500 such people. This army means something in wooden architecture protection. We are always glad to see our participant leaving home happy and inspired.

The second year of the project implementation has started with difficulties because of coronavirus pandemia. But we look to the future with optimism and believe that everything we planned will come true.


Below you can watch some video produced by our partner – Vocational college of Oulu.