Meeting at the Kantele Workshop in Leppävirta

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Kantele Workshop in Leppävirta
On July 21, 2019 the Kantele-GO! project staff visited the kantele workshop Soitinrakentajat Amf  in Leppävirta, Finland. 
Kantele players Anastasia Krasilnikova, Aleksandr Gorevanov and project manger Olga Vlasova met one of the most experienced kantele makers Jyrki Pölkki who used to make different kantele types for both Finnish and Russian kantele performers. 
The representatives of the "Kantele" Ensemble discussed main features of Karelian chromatic kanteles with Jyrki Pölkki and tried all kantele types exhibited at the workshop. Jyrki Pölkki expressed interest in modern state of kantele instruments in Karelia and reminded about  diplomatic activity of Kari Dahlblom who devoted his life to promoting kantele playing in Finland and Karelia. 
Surely, this meeting is of great importance for the Kantele-GO! project and it could be the beginning of a long-term cooperation between the "Kantele" Ensemble and Finnish kantele makers. 
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