"Kantele-GO!" music brings people together

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Kantele master class at the shopping mall in Petrozavodsk


On September 21, the European Cooperation Day,  the "Kantele-GO!" project was presented among other Karelia CBC projects at the National Library of the Republic of Karelia.  The "Kantele-GO!" project gave the opportunity to try kantele performing to all music lovers.  

The Kantele Ensemble musicians, students and  teachers of the Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatoire, teachers of the Petrozavodsk Music College, teachers and students of the National School of Arts of  Pryazha district introduced kantele music to all visitors and helped to learn how to start playing kantele.


The concert program from the participants of the “Kantele-GO!” project and the Kantele Ensemble musicians attracted lots of the Lotos Plaza shopping mall visitors. In addition, everyone had a chance to participate in a kantele master class from the best kantele players of Karelia. 

The European Cooperation Day was also celebrated in the Pryazha district of the Republic of Karelia where the “Kantele-GO!”  project participants arranged several kantele music events intended to introduce the project to local people.  

European Cooperation Day is celebrated every year in the European Union and its neighboring countries. The European Cooperation Day campaign is intended to remind citizens that many good things come out when our forces are combined and we work together www.ecday.eu