Kantele-GO! Christmas concert

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Christmas concert

During the last week of the year 2020 Kantele-GO! participants gathered together to perform the Silent Night and other romantic hits for kantele by our partner composers Sergei Stangrit, Irina Shishkanova and Valentina Matveeva. This time the ensemble consisted of professional artists, kantele teachers and young kantele players. Soon there will be a video version of this concert program available on the Kantele-GO! YouTube channel. 

The concert program was presented to the audience by 
artists of  the Kantele Ensemble  Elena Ankhimova, Aleksandra Sakharova, Aleksandr Ivanov, Aleksandr Gorevanov;
Pikkurilli  ensemble of kantele players Anna Kovaleva, Varvara Kovaleva and Bogdan Kovalev;  
ensemble of kantele players Tatiana Trunova, Oksana Emelianova and Nadezhda Emelianova;
Daria Serapionova,  student of the Karelian Musical College name after Karl Rautio. 

Kantele-GO! thanks all the kantele artists and partners who joined the project in the last two years!

Out with the old, in with the new! Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity for you. Happy New Year!

Project  partners: The Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble Kantele (Russia), University of Eastern Finland, Runosong Academy (Finland), National School of Arts named after V. Kalaberda of Pryazha District (Russia).

The Kantele-GO! project is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland within the framework of the Karelia CBC Programme.