Introducing a set of new runoff water management solutions in the project PeatStop

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combined settlement pool and wetland for runoff water management

The project PeatStop is proceeding with full steam on, even despite of the fact that face to face working or meetings are not available now. But, with agile project group we have been able to find ways to continue collaborative cross-border work with a set of e-tools.

We are glad to introduce the first set of new solutions and installments for runoff water management, both for water monitoring and for water treatment. 

We are at the moment starting the installations for a combination of wetland and settlement pool in Kajaani, Finland. It will be a new pretty part of a recreational park, but first of all it provides a combination of physical and biological purification for excess nutrients and solid particles. Installation work has just been started and we will be following the results.

At the same time we are about to start piloting for participatory observations for environmental monitoring. We will be testing innovative solutions to monitor ph, nutrients and oil traces. Stakeholders and citizens will be invited to participate on monitoring activities with easy-to-use tools. This helps us to build dialogue with different kinds of stakeholders, and also gives indicative background info on environmental phenomenon.

These first installments take place in Kajaani, Finland. Second set of new installations will take place next year in Petrozavodsk, Russia.